AutoRig saves you time and money!

AutoRig is a smart sprinkler controller that adjusts the flow of water in irrigation systems according to the soil moisture and online weather forecast data. Using AutoRig allows farmers to significantly reduce their water consumption in irrigation since the irrigation system becomes automatized and there is no need to manually interfere in the process.

Environment-friendly | User-friendly | Socially responsible

·         How it works:
AutoRig uses moisture sensors and weather analytics in order to adjust the amount of water going through the irrigation system. With AutoRig, plants receive more or less water depending on the level of soil moisture, temperature, humidity and precipitation. It is a viable solution since customers will not have to manually interfere in the irrigation process, which leads to a reduced water usage.
For instance, AutoRig will automatically stop watering before, during and after rain.

New features:
Mobile application:
The AutoRig mobile application connects the AutoRig device to internet-based weather forecast information, such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation, which will be used to determine the amount of water needed. It also allows the user to control and monitor the irrigation system at anytime, anywhere.


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